What's a work day like for a power lineman for example?


As you can see in the video, a typical day can have many job codes associated with it.  By using ExactReport, we keep an accurate record of those changes, providing you a detailed record for your insurance carriers, that can help you save money on your insurance and worker's compensation. 


An integrated suite of apps designed to simplify and guarantee accurate payroll processing that saves you money through lowered insurance premiums, avoiding fraudulent insurance claims, and streamlining payroll tracking and scheduling.




An Apple, Android and web based solution that will allow employees to change their job code throughout the day with a simple click. 


A GPS enabled Apple, Android and web based time sheet that will allow you to accurately track payroll.


Scheduling software that allows you to accurately and quickly manage employee schedules.

ExactReport is your newest app, dedicated to saving you money and time. 


Contact us today to learn more about how our tools can not only save you money on your insurance and worker's compensation but make life a lot easier on the team that handles your payroll.


Launch date is Winter 2016 - contact us now and receive our introductory offer.


When Being Exact Matters.

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